All of that experience allowed them to expand even further. In 2008, the owners decided to add the management of properties to the company. They have developed a loyal group of clients, from all around the world, which has grown significantly over the last five years and continues to grow every month. Over thirty separate clients have purchased homes in two different counties in the Mahoning Valley. These purchases give the company portfolio over three hundred homes to manage. Of course, all of this hard work cannot be done without the dedication of a devoted staff. A team of thirteen subcontractors and professional tradesmen maintain these homes in a timely and cost effective manner. Funtulis Property Group takes pride in the efficiency and ability to retain tenants; it has kept the vacancy rate under 6%.

The founders and owners of Funtulis Property Group LLC are George and Sophia Funtulis. George Funtulis is a graduate of Youngstown State University. He graduated in 1983, with a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration. George began his career as a stock broker with his series six and seven licenses. After six years, George began teaching in the Warren City School district. He taught for twelve years. During all of these years, George remained strong in investing in real estate.

Sophia Funtulis also attended Youngstown State University for two years. After college, she moved into office management. In span of about thirty years, Sophia managed two different doctors’ offices and raised two wonderful daughters. She is very active in different community projects, as well as different groups in her church.

George and Sophia’s combined experience and a well assembled team of employees and contractors will insure beneficial outcomes for new clients, tenants, and the community as a whole!

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Our Story... Funtulis Property Group was formed in Warren, Ohio, in 1984, to provide low cost housing for people in the Mahoning Valley. A duplex, in downtown Warren, was the first purchase that the company made. Since that first purchase, we had since expanded our rental property management company to a total of sixty eight rental houses. These units were a combination of multi-family apartment complexes and single family units. This expansion over a twenty-nine year span has allowed Funtulis Property Group, to provide impeccable service in all aspects making us one of the leading property management companies in North-East Ohio.

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