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"We have worked with the Funtulis Property Group for several years. During this time we have purchased a number of properties and they are all managed by the Funtulis Property Group. In addition, we have helped several others purchase properties that are also managed by this organization. The efforts by George and Sophia, along with the entire staff, have been very professional and beneficial to our investments. We have dealt with several other property managers in different areas and none have been as good to work with as these people. They have all the resources required to get the job done properly and in a timely manner with clear communication to us at all times. Dealing with multiple agencies, municipalities and regulations can be a very large challenge. But, having a long history in dealing with all these, they are very knowledgeable about what it takes to get it done properly and quickly. From what we have experienced, properties managed by the Funtulis Property Group provide an example for others to follow in establishing and maintaining properties for the rental market. This is true not only for the Owner but the Tenant alike."

Don & Peggy McCoy California

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Residential Property Management

Our testimonials

"My wife and I were first introduced to George & Sophia from the Funtulis Property Group four years ago after our interest in investing in USA real estate. After initial Skype discussions with George & Sophia we decided that they were best suited to service our requirements. It is now four years since that first Skype introduction and my wife and I have now purchased many properties and we have had no doubt about using the Funtulis Property Group to manage our homes. Every detail is covered by their company from finding the right tenant, collecting rents to making sure the properties are being looked after. We have had many business trips to America to check on our investment properties and to visit George & Sophia. While we are there they always do more than necessary to accommodate our needs, and nothing is too much trouble. When investing in real estate the most important part of being successful is to have the right property management team in place. George & Sophia have put together a highly motivated, dedicated and professional team of personnel at The Funtulis Property Group and we can only see this company grow in the future. For a real estate investor to have peace of mind ,two words come to mind and they are TRUST and HONESTY and we have found this in using the Funtulis Property Group and we would have no hesitation in recommending their company to manage there properties."

John & Margaret Davies Tasmania, AUSTRALIA

RE: Residential Property Management  - "I have known George and Sophia of Funtulis Property Group (FPG) for over 4 years now. In that time I have purchased multiple properties and have FPG manage them. I also have referred over 25 Australian clients to FPG to manage over 100 properties. They have been crucial to the success of each Australians property portfolio. These are the guys you want managing your properties. They have all the systems in place to ensure all the pieces are handled. This includes the repairs and maintenance, the screening and placement of tenants, all Section 8 documentation, the scheduling of regulatory inspections, the regular inspection of the properties and to make sure your rent is collected and disbursed to your bank account. Here in Australia the property management market is highly regulated and therefore minimizes the risks to owning and renting properties. Unlike the USA the property management industry which is unregulated and therefore imperative that you find the right management team. I am an international property owner with property in other parts of the world. In that time I have discovered there are many ‘moving parts’ to a buy and hold strategy in the property market. George and Sophia Funtulis have it all covered. I would highly recommend them to any highly sophisticated property owner to someone starting out with their first residential properties."